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Sarah Van Peteghem - Coco Lapine Design

Sarah Van Peteghem - Coco Lapine Design

Hi everyone and apologies for my recent absence. With Easter and a bunch of new freelance projects falling at the same time, finding a spare moment to post a new article has been rather difficult. However, I'm back and incredibly excited to share the work of Sarah Van Peteghem, the incredible mind and talent behind the blog, Coco Lapine Design. I've been following her work and blog for quite some time and am always filled with inspiration whenever I read one of her posts.

The project below is a demonstration of Sarah's minimalist and effective approach to styling, and I LOVE everything about it. Simple clean lines complement the monochromatic colour palette beautifully whilst splashes of green plant life add interest and a simple touch of nature. I also love the palm prints placed above the bed, which were designed by Sarah herself and are available as a set in her online store. I'd also like to draw attention to the wooden mannequin hand sitting on the desk. Whether you love or hate it, you have to admit, it adds a unique sense of character and point of interest. Finally, those cushions on the sofa... adore!

Sarah was incredibly kind enough to spend some time answering a few questions, and even took part in my quick sketch challenge! Enjoy!

Styling Sarah Van Peteghem  Photography Sarah Van Peteghem

+ Your work is beautiful and you clearly have amazing taste in design. Can you describe your creative process and how you end up with such incredible results?
I choose to only work with things I really like myself and try to mix in timeless classics with modern design and vintage items. I think it’s this mix that can make things interesting. I also try to stay away from shouting colours as much as possible, which always makes it a lot easier for things to match together.

+ The idea that less is more feeds into the refined style and aesthetic evident in your projects. When you’re styling, how do you know when to stop adding and when to start subtracting? Do you have any tips?
I usually start with very little things and take a look if it’s necessary to add something (a pop of colour, a texture) rather then to start with a lot and keep removing. Often the objects in a styling really shine when they aren’t surrounded by a lot of stuff. When things are beautifully designed, they need to get the attention they deserve.

+ I love your Mountain ABC print, it’s so well designed and a beautiful work of art. What was your inspiration behind it?
I've always been fascinated by Mountains and the different facets that are created by their differences in height and angles. One day I tried to recreate this surfaces with paper clippings of black and white paintings and that’s how I bumped into this black and white effect. I really liked the way these textures made an abstract representation of the mountains and decided to pick out the nicest ones for an alphabet, including the height and country of origin of each mountain, so people would be able to learn something from it as well.

+ The world of homewares and styling can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing, especially with endless product launches and the phasing in and out of trends. How do you stay up to date with all the goings-on of the design world?
On my interior and design blog, Coco Lapine Design, I share my thoughts and inspirations. To keep things new and interesting, I’m always on the lookout for news in the design world so this just naturally happens. I’m also a big fan of timeless design pieces, when you invest in some of those, it doesn’t really matter what is trending now, these pieces will always be pretty and well designed. 

+ Using any drawing instrument quickly sketch out the very first thing that goes through your head.

Sarah's Sketch:   Spring is around the corner and it’s my absolute favourite season. I just saw some birds flying around when looking through the window and that’s what I drew.

Sarah's Sketch: Spring is around the corner and it’s my absolute favourite season. I just saw some birds flying around when looking through the window and that’s what I drew.

You can see more of Sarah's work via her Facebook, blog and Instagram.

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