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Susanna Vento for Sato Apartments

Susanna Vento for Sato Apartments

It's my very first post, and I'm so excited to share the work of an incredibly talented interior designer, Susanna Vento!

For me, there's nothing quite like a clean open area, filled with natural light, soft blonde timbers and beautiful furniture. That's why I immediately fell in love Susanna's interior styling for Sato apartments in Helsinki. I aspire to live in a relaxed space just like this, where everything feels organised and has a purpose. I absolutely love the combination of shiny coppers and brass mixed in with the organic look of timber pieces and terracotta pots against a clean white background. So simple, but has such impact.

Styling Susanna Vento  Photography Tuomas Uuesheimo  Client Sato

Susanna's work is minimalist and incredibly controlled, yet feels relaxed and welcoming. With clients including Marimekko and Samsung, you can definitely say she know's exactly what she's doing. Because her portfolio of work fills me with such inspiration, I couldn't help but ask her a few questions, which, she ever so graciously, took the time to answer.

+ When and how did you discover you had such a talent for interior styling?
Oh my! I’d like to hug you, such kind words!
I’ve been extremely lucky, to not only be able to work in the area which I studied, but also to be in the job I always dreamed of doing. There are not many that can say that! 
I myself don’t believe in any styling or interior design rules, or what other people think looks good. I style to my own taste, to satisfy myself and what I think looks best. I’ve been working for 17 years now, my talent has grown with me.

+ Are you self taught or have you conducted any studies?
Yes, I studied Interior Design. My first job out of University was at an Interior Design Magazine. I am lucky enough to still work within the industry, freelancing for companies I have built a relationship with. For them, I build a picture. Layering items, to create something perfect.

+ How would you best describe your design aesthetic and where do you draw inspiration?
I really love simple things - Less is always more! I think the most minimal and overused items are the most difficult to make stylish. I love well designed, simple things, items you use everyday; a stylish clothes dryer or a trendy coffee maker. They make your daily life so much more beautiful.
There is not one specific thing from which I get my inspiration. I am open minded and observant and I can sense when things will work or not. I love to travel and to be part of my community. I take note of what people wear, how they style themselves, what music they listen to and what is currently on trend. From that I can find inspiration, paint a bigger picture and turn it into something more.

If you had to pick your favourite piece of furniture, artefact or store, what would it be and why?
I love Finnish Design Shop, its a website dedicated to an excellent range of Scandinavian Designers. Not only are they showcasing some amazingly talented designers, but they have also made those designers much more accessible.  
I have always disliked the air of snobbery that went along with designer stores. The ones that made buyers feel as though they were not good enough to go in and purchase a cup or a chair. Having everything online has made shopping easier, and brought in a whole new market. No matter where you live or the budget, you have the ability to create a beautiful home. And more importantly in my opinion, you should buy something beautifully designed, even if it costs that bit more. It will hold it’s value and last for years to come. Now that’s what I call environmental! 

+ Using any drawing instrument quickly sketch out the very first thing that goes through your head.

Susanna's Sketch:  Morning Coffee, my friend.

Susanna's Sketch: Morning Coffee, my friend.

You can see more of Susanna's work via her website, blog, facebook and instagram

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